Allow multiple RDP sessions to a Windows 2008 server


By default Windows 2008 only allows a user one single session over RDP. While in some instances this can be quite handy, if like me, you have multiple developers working on a single server, your frustration from being randomly logged out by a colleague can come to the boil. Quick and easy solution.

Log in to your Windows 2008/Windows 2008 R2 machine (it can be via RDP if you wish)

Open up Remote Desktop Session host Configuration
(this is under Start > Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services)

Double click on the centre section marked Edit Settings
(note that the setting marked Restrict each user to a single session will be marked as Yes)


Now uncheck the checkbox marked Restrict each user to a single session and click OK


Close the window and you’re done! Now you’ll note the the same screen says No