Come See Me, and Many Others at DDD Sydney, 30th June


Next Saturday at 9am sharp, I will be first cab off the rank in the developer skills stream at DDD Sydney presenting my talk “A few things developers should know about the internet (but probably don’t)”. I’d love for you to come along and say hello on the day, so if you haven’t already bought tickets, please do from the link above. Sydney has many conferences throughout the year, but few are as straight talking as DDD, with a good range of subjects on not only the Microsoft stack, but general web and development as well – not only how Microsoft would recommend it, but the very people who’ve been in the trenches with you.

The line up is pretty awesome, with many familiar faces from the Australian and Sydney developer/blogger crowd for you to come along and see.


So head on over to the DDD Sydney site, and buy yourself a ticket while there are still some left!