So long, and thanks for all the fish!


So tomorrow is my last day at Alpha Salmon. I am moving on to new and exciting things, at a new workplace, and felt a blog post was in order. The decision to leave was not an easy one. I enjoy my work and all of the pluses it delivers such as boozy Friday afternoons at the work bar (they have an open bar in the building – win). I walk to work, so adding a commute will drastically change my daily life/amount of sleep as well. I have stayed here long enough that i am starting to become a grey hair member of the staff. Management has given me great flexibility to implement change, and i really enjoy(ed) the opportunities they gave me.

image I am not leaving for any negative reasons, simply time for a change, and i leave behind a very technically proficient and entertaining group of friends. My time at Alpha Salmon was grandiose on all levels. I worked on a lot of projects that developers usually consider as Gravy Projects – Mission critical Racing/Gambling applications, Government departments, and a huge range of all the brands we know and love. Projects that ranged in size from small to ginormous.

Working at Alpha Salmon was a bit of a culture shock from my previous job, as the speed and efficiency at which they rollout sites is on a level that nearly every developer who has joined while i worked there has uniformly been shocked by. While, for me, this was a shock to system to begin with, i must say that now i am moving on i feel that it has armed me to the teeth for whatever role i take on from here – as a great friend of mine at Alpha Salmon, Andre (of the of the greatest gunslingers around) referred to it, its the equivalent in the development world, of high altitude training.

“… Development high altitude training …”

I will be starting next Monday at BMF, a vibrant and engaging advertising agency in Sydney’s suburb of Pyrmont. I am extremely excited by the challenge that this will give me.

BMF uses Mac’s instead of PC for development, so it will be interesting to see what the migration is like – i will still obviously be using Windows, as i will still be writing .Net code, but i do worry whether I'll be limited to a single screen iMac. I was very happy with 3 monitors at my job before Alpha Salmon, so when i first started at Alpha Salmon with a single screen, adding a second was one of the first things i pushed for :-) - i strongly agree with Scott Hanselman that 3 is the magic number.

So that’s it in a nutshell – new and exciting things.